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Feldenkrais for riders and horses

We all like to ride without disturbing our horse, so that our horse can move himself easy and light. The horse will be more cooperative when there is no fear or pain when he is responding to the riders aids. We all want a happy horse.

The Feldenkrais method can help the rider to give the aids more with the movement of the horse. Feldenkrais teaches to have a better understanding what is happening with all the movements of the horse. It improves the balance of both, rider and horse. It opens the possibility to give smaller and more define aids to make it easier for the horse to respond.

The Feldenkrais method helps the horse to have a clear straight forward movement in walk and canter and a good diagonal movement in trot or backing up. It gives a better use of his spine, neck, back, ribcage and legs. Feldenkrais improves equal loading of the legs in all the excercises we ask the horse to do.

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