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Nelleke Deen is a MBS Feldenkrais practitioner.

The Feldenkrais method is a language of communication in yourself, how you learn about your functioning, a connection between body and mind. A method, more of questioning then of answers, by asking simple, but precise questions, we provide a framework within we can learn most directly about ourselves. In our quest to learn about ourselves and find the optimal way to organize and use ourselves we focus on the sequence, the quality and the distribution of the movement. Instead of working on a final goal we can learn all the steps along the way so that we can improve each and every part of how we move. We begin by paying attention to the components of each movement in our range of ease. You have to be curious about how something moves, where it starts and ends, what parts of you are involved ? We develop awareness of more pieces of a movement which makes up the whole, and include and incorperate all necessary ingredients of any action. So you ask yourself many questions, am I holding my breath, where is my attention, what is getting longer/shorter, closer, pressing more into the floor etc. when I make this movement. It brings awareness how you are moving. So you can change your moving pattern into a more fluent easy and painfree pattern, you can move around the pain.

With less force we pay more attention to the movement and we learn how to do things at our best, most economical and better distributed over our whole body. Feldenkrais shows us our possibillities and not our limitations.

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