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Nelleke Deen is a Level IV Centered Riding Instructor which qualifies her to teach official Centered Riding Open Clinics & Instructor Clinics Internationally.

Centered Riding is based on the Classical Techniques and encourages suppleness of the horse and Harmony between horse & rider. It addresses crookedness, tightness and restriction in riders and their horses. A lot of riders are having these problems, but do not know how to solve it. Centered Riding techniques are added to Nelleke's skills and knowledge as a physiotherapist, TTeam trainer and instructor this creates a deep teaching level rarely found.

Centered Riding is not a 'different' way of riding but rather a way of re-educating the mind and body to allow balance and harmony with the horse rather than hinderance. It helps to remove old habitual patterns by doing a lot of non habitual movements to show that there are other ways to create good friendly riding.

Since being developed by Sally Swift, Centered Riding is growing around the world, the number of qualified instructors is rising rapidly.

Sally Swift is author of best selling books and video tapes 'Centered Riding' and 'Centered Riding 2 - further exploration'

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